Comprehensive Range of Services


We provide a comprehensive range of services that are marked by experience, expertise and responsiveness to your unique needs.

One of our firm's hallmarks is that a R. Kant Gupta Co. partner is intimately involved in every engagement we undertake, no matter how small or large. In all of our endeavors, your concerns come first and foremost
Our goal is to maximize your profitability and guide you towards greater success.

We utilize the latest technology and work procedures in each of our services and work in the   most efficient, cost-effective manner possible. We realize that many of your needs come   with a sense of urgency, and we pride ourselves on providing fast, impeccable service.   Specialist sectors

Specialist sectors

  • Telecommunication   
  • Natural Gas
  • Industrial Manufacturers
  • Processing Companies
  • Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Colonisers and Builders
  • Exporting and Trading Concerns
  • Educational Institutions
  • Education Providers and Facilitators
  • Service Companies
  • Professional Service providers
  • Banks
  • Central and State level PSUs
  • Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

      Value addition is the core to all our professional endeavors. Our teams of experienced professionals offer   the comprehensive services so that we can render overall solutions by covering all facets of business   activity. For a closer look at the services we offer, please select the appropriate heading from left-hand   side of page.