Proactive Approach and Initiative
Our work has always been a partnership between our clients and ourselves. We believe our size and the continuity of the Partners and staff has enabled us to build these relationships to which the firm is fully committed.

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Accounting Services
Our Accounting Services would likely encompass some or all of the following:

  • Performing review services on your financial statements
  • Performing compilation services on your financial statements
  • Preparing or updating financial statements on monthly basis
  • Furnishing necessary MIS Reports as per mutually agreed formats
  • Assistance in maintenance of the necessary books of accounts of the Company
  • Supervision of the accounting transactions of the company to ensure compliance with best accounting      practices
  • Analysis of asset, liability, equity, revenue and expense accounts
  • Agreed upon procedures tailored to your specific needs
  • Design and implementation of systems of internal control
  • Recruiting and training of client accounting personnel
  • Inventory costing and support services
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Preparation of quarterly and annual, payroll, sales for sole proprietorship, companies and partnerships.

    We strongly believe in taking a proactive approach to accounting.

    As we provide you with first-rate accounting services, we are always looking at your company's future--one step ahead of problems that might arise--constantly taking the initiative to suggest ways you can improve your business.

    We will provide whatever degree of accounting service you desire, from data entry and bookkeeping to completely overhauling your accounting system. We can complement your internal accounting personnel as consultants and supervisors or, if you have no such staff to speak of, we can take on all of your day-to-day accounting requirements.

    In whatever capacity you choose to use us, our foremost goal is to help you improve your company's efficiency and profit. We treat every client's business as if it were our own--with great care and creative approaches to help you make more money. Tax considerations are integral to all of the work we do. During the course of any accounting engagement we evaluate all the components of your business, including tax issues.

    The key to our accounting service is that we tailor it to your unique needs. We will come in when there's a crunch and help you handle the extra accounting workload. We can assist you in setting up cost-saving office systems and controls. We will even help you recruit personnel for your internal accounting department. Furthermore, if a full-time financial officer is not appropriate for your circumstances, we can assist you in that role. On top of this, we are always available for consultation and will take on special projects upon a last minute's notice.

    In every instance, you can count on receiving personal attention from a R. Kant Gupta & Co. partner. This commitment is evident in our many long-standing relationships with clients, some of which is nearly 20 year old. We take great pride in sticking with your business and helping it grow.

    You may e-mail us for details on how our accounting services can enhance your operations