Accumulated Experience and Knowledge
Our work has always been a partnership between our clients and ourselves. We believe our size and the continuity of the Partners and staff has enabled us to build these relationships to which the firm is fully committed.

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Legal and Compliance Services
Our Legal and Compliance Services include:

  • Assistance in preparation of applications for various approvals
  • Guidance on laws, rules, regulations and procedures
  • Representation before appropriate authorities
  • Drafting and vetting of contracts and agreements
  • Issue of detailed written legal opinions

    Legal and regulatory aspects of any business transaction is very important for any organisation whether commercial or non-profit organisation or a firm or an individual. With our accumulated experience and knowledge of Indian legal and regulatory environment, we assist our corporate clients not only in the matter of routine tax and customs & excise but also assist and advise in the matters relating to approvals from Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1973 (FERA), Foreign Exchange Management Act, 2000 (FEMA), Foreign Exchange Contributions Regulations Act, 1973, approvals from Secretariat of Indian approvals (SIA) in respect of Joint Ventures and Foreign Collaborations, approvals for setting up 100% Export Oriented Units (EOUs) or approvals from Software Technology park of India (STPI) for setting up a software unit. We advise our clients beforehand as to the implications of every proposed transaction and wherever necessary, prepare and file the applications with the concerned authorities and do the necessary follow up.

    We also provide services relating to drafting and vetting of commercial contracts whether involving Indian parties or involving foreign parties with respect to Indian commercial and economic laws, financial and commercial prudence and provide appropriate suggestions to our clients. We also draft foreign collaboration agreements and agreements involving Indian parties with foreign companies whether by way of sale of services or goods or for representation or for technical or marketing consultancy. While drafting and vetting such international contracts, we sincerely keep in mind the effects of Double Taxation, Transfer Pricing and Permanent Establishment (PE). We also provide our clients services for vetting and drafting of service contracts in respect of their employees or consultants or sub-consultants or contractors or sub-contractors for supply of goods or services.

    We also advise our clients and issue detailed written legal opinions on matters involving various tax laws, levies and duties.

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