Personal Attention by a Partner
Our work has always been a partnership between our clients and ourselves. We believe our size and the continuity of the Partners and staff has enabled us to build these relationships to which the firm is fully committed.

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Auditing and Verification

Our Auditing and Verification services include:


  • Auditing asset, liability, equity, revenue and expense accounts
  • Evaluating systems and procedures
  • Submitting special reports on specific accounts, such as volume of business, tax purposes or compliance      with agreements
  • Statutory Audits
  • Internal Audits and Special Audits
  • Fraud audits and investigations
  • Management Audits
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Annual/periodical Verification of fixed assets, inventories and other assets

    When R. Kant Gupta & Co. audits your company's books, you get much more than just number crunching. As we carefully test your records,We make a point of looking at the big picture and providing recommendations that will enhance your business's efficiency and maximize your profits. When we recognize a better way that you could be doing something, we let you know.

    R. Kant Gupta & Co. provides all the services you associate with an audit – it's just that we go above and beyond the traditional call of duty. We constantly have our eyes open for ways to reduce costs for our clients. We have a long history of conducting audits in wide array of industries, and we pride ourselves on being attentive to each client's unique needs and finding innovative solutions to his problems.

    Personal attention from a R. Kant Gupta & Co. partner is one of the primary ingredients in every audit we undertake. You'll have the confidence of knowing that a partner plays an integral role in every major auditing decision.

    In addition, you can count on seeing some of the same R. Kant Gupta & Co. professionals return to conduct your audit year after year. It is standard procedure for the big firms to shuffle the auditing staff on clients annually, wasting your time and money on educating new auditors as to the specifics of your enterprise. It is our policy to send staff to your office who have prior experience on your engagement, saving you time and money. Furthermore, this continuity produces a rock-solid familiarity with your business, and out of such understanding comes invaluable recommendations as to how to improve your operations.

    R. Kant Gupta & Co. also stands out from the crowd by bringing tax expertise to every auditing engagement and making compliance issues a primary concern when testing your records. Plus, we continuously educate our staff to keep them on the cutting edge of technological issues, auditing techniques and new standards and regulations.

    We carry out audits as required under various statutes like Companies Act, 1956, Income Tax Act, 1962 and various other laws. We plan our audit in such a manner that the time and cost for the statutory audits undertaken are minimum while not compromising the quality of our reports. We avoid duplication of efforts by not repeating the procedures applied by the internal auditors and evolve our own procedures based on the system of internal control and checks prevailing in an organisation.

    We also undertake internal audits to assist our clients in ensuring financial discipline and compliances. The internal audits, we undertake are after evaluating the internal controls of the client organisation and after discussing the scope of work with the client. Over the years we have specialised in carrying out the internal audits of small to medium sized business entities. The thrust is to audit for the statutory requirements and also simultaneously report the irregularities and the weakness in the internal control and systems for proper action and rectification.

    We also undertake special audits, fraud and investigative audits as per the requirements of each client. We apply special procedures for detecting frauds and malpractices. We also undertake periodical and annual verification of fixed assets, inventories and other assets for our clients.

    Clients often require the diligence exercises to be conducted, be it for obtaining comfort on the reasonableness and reliability of data and operating results of an entity, or for entering into business arrangements. We undertake due diligence exercise for our clients as per agreed scope of work.

    Ever-changing business environment and commercial needs, increasing costs, pressure on margins and modified organisational objectives necessitate organisations to review their operations objectively on a continuous basis. Impartial objective criticism, we believe, provides an impetus to any organisation, provided it is accompanied with appropriate practicable suggestions. This is the underlying philosophy of the Management Audits that we execute. Our management audits have provided the management with requisite information to enable it to make hardcore decisions as also to assist in its daily operations.

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